The Rollercoaster of Life

The Rollercoaster of Life

Holy crap. I’ve found myself stuck in the “busy” trap ever since I embarked on a new business venture at the beginning of this month… and it has felt like one crazy-ass rollercoaster ride. 

My 5am wake-ups and morning routines ain’t happening no more since I’m sleeping later and later. I’ve gone from one cup of coffee to about three in a day. 😳 Writing hasn’t been a priority as I’m balancing uni work with getting shit done on our never-ending to-do list for the business.

And I’ve been experiencing sooooo much doubt and uncertainty. Before, it felt like everything was going fine and I was just coasting through life. Now, I’m finding myself constantly going down some crazy negative thought spirals and going WHAT IS HAPPENING??? (*chug more coffee*) brain overload cannot compute HALP. But then the next day I get some perspective and all is fine again. Aaaand the feeling of being lost and overwhelmed surfaces again sometime later. Fun times. 😑

No signal

Such is life. You can’t expect everything to be amazing 100% of the time. Without the lows, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the highs. I just need to remind myself to celebrate the little wins because there’s always more to be done. One thing about running your own business is that you might not see the results of your efforts immediately. You gotta play the long game. On the flip side, it’s also exciting because you legit have no idea where it’s gonna go. 

Putting it all into perspective

I’m telling myself that it’s okay to not be waking up super early anymore. I still get shit done. If I force myself to wake up with the alarm at 5am without getting enough sleep, I’m so lethargic and can’t concentrate. I’ve just gotta come to terms with the fact that I’ll be starting the day later and ending it later. No big deal. 

It’s okay to have fallen off the wagon with writing because I had other priorities. If I want to keep it up, I’ll just have to find a way to be more efficient and effective with my time. It’s not like I haven’t been writing every day. I still keep notes and reflections on things I’ve learned, I just haven’t put time aside to create meaningful content out of it. Perhaps I could find alternative ways of sharing content that require less time and effort.

It’s okay to experience doubt and uncertainty. It means that I’m getting out of my comfort zone. And that’s good because it means that I’m growing. Whenever I get that brain overload, taking the time to examine my thoughts by writing them out has been pretty useful. I can then take steps to address my concerns. 

Honestly, life is still amazing. Amongst all the chaos I’ve found so many things to be grateful for:

  • My supportive and understanding business partner who always showers me with appreciation and encouragement even though he’s dealing with a lot of shit as well. Thanks Menno, it means a lot 😉
  • Getting through the final presentation for my Access to Justice course and laughing my ass off at our team dinner after. Sam, you’re bloody hilarious 🤣
  • Watching my friend Kit perform live. That dude is seriously talented. Love ya 💕
  • My PT John pushing me hard and indulging in friendly banter. Glad that you’re so entertained by my suffering 😒 
  • The freakin’ amazing coffee and food from the lovely peeps at Crafted Addiction in Marrickville. Since I’ve abused my Nespresso machine so much the coffee has begun to taste like crap sometimes 🙄
  • Joining FYA’s Innovation Nation program, meeting some amazing young people and getting connected with an awesome coach to help us move the business forward ✌️
  • Learning new things every day, about business and about myself 🤔
  • Going on adventures and discovering new places 😎
  • Being alive. Can’t take that shit for granted 😌

Dreams can come true

When I set my 1-year goals in September, one of them was to run a business to empower people to take control of their financial future by educating and supporting them. At the time, I had no idea how that would happen. One month later, I find myself running Cashflow games and mastermind groups with my business partner Menno. It was a dream come true.

The Cashflow games help you learn financial concepts in a fun and engaging way, while the mastermind groups enable you to take your learnings to the next level by setting goals, keeping yourself accountable, and sharing resources with like-minded people from different backgrounds, so you can execute on strategies in real life.  

We’re still in the early stages and it’s chaotic as hell, but I’ve come to embrace it. The rollercoaster ride is both scary and fun at the same time… but this is the kinda shit that I live for. I can’t wait to impact the lives of millions of people. 🤩

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