Hot damn, the past month has been a blur. There’s been so much amazing stuff happening that I’ve just found myself caught up in the beautiful whirlwind and wondering how the hell life got so crazy good. 😍

I got my first full-time job towards the end of November… and basically spent the whole month adjusting to the new lifestyle. 😂 I’m slowly getting used to the grind and having less free time.

I’m working in telephone sales, which involves calling people up and telling them about events that they should be getting themselves to if they wanna level up in their business and life. These events are in the professional/personal development sphere so they’re pretty cool.

The thought of calling people up all day might sound dreadful at first but it’s actually super fun. Yeah, you leave a lot of voicemails (and get exposed to all kinds of funky voicemail messages) and might occasionally get the person who’s like “don’t talk to me” but you also get some really good conversations with cool people. That’s the shit I live for and it just makes my day HAHAHA.

I’m lucky that I can say that I enjoy what I do. I fell into it by pure chance, but this role is perfect for me cos I’m talking to professionals in the finance industry (e.g. accountants, financial advisers, mortgage brokers), which is riiiiiight up my alley. I get to find out more about the inner workings of the industry whilst honing my ability to come up with shit to say on the fly to get people to buy (and write rhymes while I’m at it, I’m on a high). It’s bloody amazing. 🤩

Not just that, my workplace is pretty awesome. There’s yoga on Wednesdays, free flow of fruit in the kitchen, bookshelves full of books on business, property, investing and more… Best of all, my colleagues are bloody hilarious cutie patooties and an amazing bunch of people to be working with. LOVE Y’ALL! 😘

I’ve developed an appreciation for what life is like in the “real world” after uni. Goddamn, it ain’t easy. 😒 I often get to the end of the day feeling well and truly wasted. Especially when I have events to go to after work. I pretty much don’t wanna think about anything when I get home. This just means that I need to use the weekends to really plan for the week ahead so I don’t have to think about anything and carefully guard my time.

Finally, getting into this role also means that OH MY GOODNESS I’ve reached my goal of becoming financially independent from my parents!! HELL YEAH. PARTAAAAY! 🎉

I set this goal way back not knowing how the hell I was gonna achieve it. Yet, all of the experiences I’ve had over the past 6 months have led me to this point and I am so damn grateful. There’s sooooo much to unpack and about 400+ pages worth of journal entries and notes to go through, so I’ll take some time to reflect and set new goals to continue levelling up. ✌️

Thank you 2018. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities, met so many awesome people, learned so much and experienced a shitload of growth.

Going into 2019, it’s an exciting new chapter of my life and I can’t wait to see what happens next!  

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