Giving Thanks

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as a special day, because I write about what I’m grateful for each day. There’s always something. Really nice weather (a rarity in Singapore), awesome Grab drivers, deep and meaningful conversations, a really good meal etc.

Speaking of a really good meal, I recently had somewhat of a “thanksgiving dinner” over steamboat with a bunch of cool people, and we shared with each other what we were thankful for. I realised that even though I always remind myself to cultivate gratitude each day, I rarely express my thanks towards a lot of the people in my life.

So here goes.

I’m grateful for:

  • Accountability buddy Vivek (5 days of exercise per week!!) who always sends awesome podcasts, videos etc. my way
  • Gym buddy WenFong who made me get into lunchtime workouts and puts up with getting roasted by me all the time
  • Ex-table buddy Josh with whom I shared lots of fun and laughter (less so now but there’s still some of it sometimes through Slack) plus pain + sweat during our occasional lunchtime runs
  • Always energetic Jarek who skips so fast he looks like he could kill someone with that rope
  • Joker Kevyn who manages to be super funny despite having a difficult job to do
  • Sit-down comedian Shawn who cracks jokes at every opportunity
  • Big boy Brandon who flexes his muscles at every opportunity even though I never see him at the gym anymore
  • Professor Gerardo who delivers awesome lectures and teaches me Italian swear words
  • Keyboard warrior CS who types at superhuman speed and occasionally cracks out a tune
  • Cool-as-a-cucumber boss Joel who is super chill no matter what is going on
  • Fellow avid reader HouTian who always has some fascinating conversation material and helped me discover the wonderful world of vinapop
  • Minimalist Taro whose sense of humour is way better than his fashion sense
  • The beautiful Pansiri, Belinda, Shan, Xinni, Joy — an awesome bunch of people who are super grounded, down to earth and just fun to hang out with because we can talk about meaningful stuff and changing the world (p.s. thanks WenFong for introducing me to them + many more awesome people)
  • Crazy and now curly-haired Phil who still makes an effort to keep in touch despite being in a completely different time zone
  • My homegirls Lana, Eunice, Sophia, Hui Ning and Jolene who I can go without seeing for ages, but once we meet up again we can talk about anything and everything under the sun
  • My family and their unconditional love — from my grandparents to my parents to my aunts and uncles who care about me in a way that only family do
  • Menno, who inspired this post — if anyone is keen to work on inventing a spacesuit to help keep humans alive in the harsh environment of Singapore, please let me know.

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